About Us

Irdin is a publishing house whose purpose is to disseminate works of a philosophical-spiritual nature for this time of global transformation and great need for inner search. These are teachings that present keys to recognizing the immaterial laws that govern the universe we live in and sustain the Earth. They invite us to broaden our consciousness, unravel the mysteries of our planet's history, realize its purposes, and enter paths of peace.

Irdin's work is not for profit and is maintained by volunteer collaborators, some full time, who donate their time and energy without any kind of remuneration.

Among the works of the various authors that Irdin has published, the one by Trigueirinho stands out. Besides books in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and other languages, Irdin's current collection is formed by more than 3,000 live recorded lectures, DVDs, and music CDs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_text_separator title="Spreading the Teaching" element="h5"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The full achievement of this goal depends on how the works are made available to interested parties. Ease of access and free of charge, when possible, are factors that drive diffusion. Only with the donation and spontaneous participation of many can this be realized. By contributing monetary energy or service, we make it possible for the work to continue and for others to learn about its fruits.

Irdin, in cooperation with Maria Association Irdin also disseminates the texts channeled by the Divine Messengers: Christ Jesus, Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, collaborating with the Hierarchies in taking the breath of Mercy, Grace and Redemption to those who wish to receive it.

We believe that the Teaching should circulate directly, without the interferences normally present in commercialization processes. The physical resources necessary for its diffusion must be provided by the very people who benefit from it, following a free and spontaneous flow, according to each one's availability and awareness.

There are several ways to participate. One of them is with voluntary service, for example, with tasks at Irdin's own headquarters, or even from a distance. To contribute in this way, contact us at contact .

Another way to participate is with donations of money or material resources, essential for the maintenance and development of the work. Any and all donations are welcome. Learn more about donations .

Irdin offers live recorded lectures over the past years. There are more than three thousand titles, with various subjects, related to the expansion of consciousness in current times.

Aware that spiritual vibrations of great subtlety are also transmitted through the voice of the speakers, we seek to preserve the sound quality with the utmost integrity to provide the listener with the original impulses of the message. That is why we offer recordings, uncompressed, on CDs that can be purchased through this site.

However, the complete collection of recorded lectures is available for free download, in MP3 format. This action is aimed at listeners who prefer this format or who cannot order the CDs. We understand that the information conveyed in the lectures is invaluable for today and that it is important to circulate it even without the ideal technical conditions, since the MP3 format suppresses a certain frequency range of the sound spectrum.