How to donate

Why do we need donations?

“Our Association is a non-profit organization;

” All Irdin publications are available free of charge or at cost;

Make a donation by deposit or bank transfer:

Bank of BrazilBranch: 8215-5Current Account: 965-2
Itaú BankBranch: 3204Current Account: 06429-3
Sicoob CredivarBranch: 3180Current Account: 32.302-0
Corporate Name: Associação Irdin Editora / CNPJ: 07.449.047/0001-86

Make a donation through PIX

PIX Itaú: 07.449.047/0001-86

PIX Banco do Brasil:

Receipts from Abroad:

Banco do Brasil: Swift Code: BRASBRRJSBO/ IBAN Code: BR54 0000 0000 0821 5000 0009 652C1

Banco Itaú: Swift Code: ITAUBRSP / IBAN Code: BR45 6070 1190 0320 4000 0064 293C1

Make a donation via PayPal, using your credit card:

You can choose from the predetermined amounts or indicate the amount you would like to contribute. You also have the option to make this donation monthly indefinitely, and you can cancel the recurrence directly in your PayPal account whenever you wish. Fast and safe.