Sphere Association

Sphere Association

The Sphere movement was started in 1997 by a group of humanitarian professionals with the aim of improving the quality of humanitarian work during disaster response.

With this goal in mind, they drafted a Humanitarian Charter and identified a set of humanitarian standards to be applied in humanitarian response. Initially developed by non-governmental organizations, together with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the Sphere standards have become a major reference tool for national and international NGOs, volunteers, UN agencies, governments, donors, the private sector, and many others.

Today, Sphere is a worldwide community that brings together and empowers professionals to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance. Sphere’s flagship publication, the Sphere Handbook, is one of the most widely known and internationally recognized sets of common principles and universal minimum standards in humanitarian response.

Fraternidade – Missões Humanitárias Internacionais (FMHI) is the Sphere Association’s focal point in Brazil and Portugal. It has translated the Sphere Manual and its chapter on application for urban use into Brazilian and European Portuguese and trains governments, institutions, corporations, all those interested in the training of international humanitarian standards.



El Manual Esfera – Carta Humanitaria y Normas Mínimas para la Respuesta Humanitaria

R$ 50,00
El Manual Esfera presenta un enfoque basado en principios para abordar la calidad y la rendición de cuentas en las

Guia Esfera – Usando as Normas Esferas em Cenários Urbanos – Parte 2

R$ 45,00
SOBRE ESTE GUIA: A edição 2018 do Manual Esfera explicitamente incluiu, pela primeira vez, referências específicas a cenários urbanos. Este

O Manual Esfera – Carta Humanitária e Normas Mínimas para Resposta Humanitária

R$ 50,00
O Manual Esfera apresenta uma abordagem dos princípios da qualidade e da responsabilidade em respostas humanitárias. Ele é uma tradução

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