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Beyond Karma

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As human beings grow in consciousness, their understanding of the law of karma also grows. They no longer see it

Crop Circles – Messages from the Cosmos (DVD)

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Designs of great precision and complexity are found in crops of several kinds of cultures around the world, mainly near

Doorway to a Kingdom

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Most of us are aware of the spiritual path, both philosophically and in its practical application to self-transformation. Nevertheless, we

Finding the Temple

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Mirna Jad, a supraphysical realm of harmony and peace, is located in an intraterrestrial area of some mountains in South

Noah´s Vessel

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The continent of Atlantis submerged and vanished from the map ? what events surrounded the great flood? Planet Earth is

Path without Shadows

In all of our lives there comes a time when we need to find and follow the pathway of light.

The Light Within You

Your yearning for better days will be heeded when you discover in your inner world the eternal Light of your

The Mystery of the Cross in the Present Planetary Transition

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Two thousand years ago coming times were announced in which revelations would be openly disclosed to those who turn towards

The Voice of Amhaj

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The Sun is always present, but its light cannot be perceived in the same way, at the same time, in

There is Peace

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Quiet your heart and listen! There is a pathway to be followed. The time has come to be free in


Tal qual um diamante a refletir em todas as direções a luz nele incidida, assim Paul Brunton, em seus Notebooks,

We Are Not Alone

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?I tell you, Pilgrim, this Light has always accompanied you. Even when you were lost in the midst of darkness,